Party Sandwiches by St. Clair's
"Nothing Less" Open Tue - Fri 9 AM to 7 PM, Sat & Sun 9 AM to 5 PM

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Platters available for every occasion:

Cocktail/Finger/Mini Appetizers - Party Sliders - Quartered/Halved/Full slice - Open Face.
Party sandwiches are created in any quantity desired.

You will be asked the following questions at time of order creation:
  1. Type of bread desired
  2. Soft or toasted
  3. Cold or hot
  4. Base condiments
  5. Lettuce and/or tomato
  6. Deli meat selection
  7. Plated on 16" platters with a protective cover or proper sized foil pan with lid.
Cocktail Party Sandwiches
Ham Party Sandwiches
Panini Party Sandwiches
Party Sandwiches
Slider Party Sandwiches
Party Sub Sandwiches

Party sandwich platters vary in price due to product selection and quantity ordered. We are happy to quote your order with return email address provided within 72hrs.

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Superb! Wonderful food--and a special shout-out to Bob.

- Vicki F.

Walking into the store you could tell that you were going to have a different experience than other stores - total open concept. I bought the polish sausage and wasn't disappointed. It was great! Loved their seafood selection. They have pretty much everything you'd need to make a great dinner. So friendly and enthusiastic. Great job!

- Tammy S.

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