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Dave D.


My first thought when I walked in was “this place is spotless “. Second thought was the deli food smelled amazing. I walked around to see what they had and was asked by 3 different people if I needed help. The breaded pork cutlets and the Santa Fe chicken are really good.

Our Response:
Glad you enjoyed the Santa Fe Chicken Dave!

raven y.


Best chicken noodle soup I have ever had. Great staff. Salted Carmel cookies are the bomb. Highly recommend their meat. Absolutely great place!

Our Response:
Glad you enjoyed your visit (and the cookies!) Raven.

Bobby N.


Truly above and beyond. I hosted a lunch for 100+ college-aged men, and the comments and reviews were unending. They helped me plan the menu and worked with my budget. We had wings, bbq pork sliders, meatballs, pasta salad, potato salad, and cookies. The prices were incredibly reasonable. The day earlier, we had ordered chicken sandwiches from a chain restaurant that cost more and barely fed the entire group. With St. Clair's they were able to provide a delicious buffet of options. Our only issue with the food is that there was a rush for seconds because it was so good. I look forward to ordering from them and will happily refer them to other groups at Notre Dame.

Our Response:
Glad the guys enjoyed Bobby!

Linda B.


Love, love this shoppe. Employee's are fantastic and very reasonable prices.

Our Response:
Thanks Linda!

Anthony B.


I want to reach out to everyone at St Clair’s! Thank you for always making me feel so welcomed when I come in. I’m extremely Grateful for the wonderful hospitality that you have given me. The service has been amazing. I have met some amazing staff that I consider my dear friends. I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s service. I continue to support and let the community know about St Clair’s. Thank you for making my Thanksgiving special! I wish you all continued success!

Our Response:
Thanks Anthony. We really appreciate your spreading the word about us.

Nicole Q.


First time order for a football tailgate here. St. Clair's came highly recommended from our friends at ND. Our 50+ guests very happy with the delicious food! As a host I would suggest you be very specific about how you want your sandwiches. The easiest "grab n go" items we got were their turkey and cheese "sliders" on mini-buns. I also ordered Italian subs, I thought I asked for them to be cut in half, but they were not and we didn't have cutlery so that was a hiccup. And the veggie wraps came individually wrapped in sandwich foil so people couldn't see what they were (strike 2) but they did some amazing breaded chicken sandwiches that people LOVED (they kind of looked like upscale Chick Fil A size buns). They were beautiful to look at as well as yummy. All in all the food was fantastic but be prepared to either cut or display it on your own platters if you have them. We will absolutely order from them again, and especially look forward to visiting them for lunch in the future and trying more of their specialties. Thanks Bob and Justin!

Our Response:
Thanks Nicole. We appreciate your comments. Just let us know next time and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Tina M.


I love the Steaks!!!!!! We love shopping here. The prices are great!!!!

Our Response:
Thanks Tina, we aim to please.

Cindy C.


Anyone going in today, grab a cantaloupe. They are wonderful. I wish I would have gotten more...

Our Response:
Glad you enjoyed Cindy.

Nancy O.


Had some pulled pork catered from St. Clairs Butcher Shoppe and it was to die for. Also some great sides! If you want catering, this is the place to get it. And I like how they spelled “Shoppe”. 😊

Our Response:
Our spelling is just like our service... old-fashioned and done right. Thanks Nancy.

Sheila C.


St. Clair’s catered our reunion dinner and it was fantastic! It included a generous antipasta platter, delicious pulled pork on the softest rolls, and several deli salads. The coleslaw had a vinegar - not creamy- dressing and was so refreshing! St.Clair’s is a wonderful option for entertaining a group! Thank you!!!

Our Response:
We look forward to taking care of your classmates next year too Sheila!

Vicki F.


Superb! Wonderful food--and a special shout-out to Bob.

Our Response:
... and Bob thanks you Vicki!

Nancy S.


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the team/owners at Saint Clair’s Delicatessen and Butcher Shop. We had a catered meal and it was fabulous….every entree, salad, baked good, and appetizer was delicious. I would highly recommend Saint Clair’s for any event you wish to host: dinner party, tailgate event, luncheon. You will always be pleased! Nancy Schoenbucher

Our Response:
Our pleasure serving you Nancy!

Telisa C.


We tried the jalapeno crab cakes this week. They were delicious!!!! Just ordered a dozen more for a dinner party this weekend. LOVE ST. CLAIR'S!!!!

Our Response:
Hope you had a great dinner party Telisa.

Charles D.


My first time visiting St. Clair’s was Friday April 15th. Was greeted by the cashier went to the meat counter purchase 12 pounds of polish sausage and ordered 10 pounds of hot Italian which was made to order. Everything was excellent the people were great very pleasant very helpful we have found a new store to purchase meat and deli.

Our Response:
Thanks Charles, come back soon.

Helen N.


Stopped in to buy an Easter ham, and some sausage, and I was truly impressed with the service, friendliness, and cleanliness. I will definitely go back, as I saw the meats were top quality, and the prices were reasonable. What a pleasant experience!

Our Response:
We look forward to serving you in the future Helen.

Chris M.


Got two meat bundles today. They freezer wrapped it all. I am very satisfied and I like their meat. I am a St. Clair’s shopper from now on.

Our Response:
Thanks Chris, we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Pamala H.


Had some ham from your store at a family gathering it was phenomenal look forward to shopping there when I moved to the area in July.

Our Response:
Thanks Pamela, come back in when you are settled in.

Jayne M.


I'm so glad a friend shared St. Clairs with us! We decided to stop in & check out what they had to offer & we were pleasantly surprised by the selection and found the prices very competitive & better than other butchers. We wanted smoked pork chops but they were too thick for us. Without hesitation the gentleman behind the counter said he'd cut to our specifications & they came out perfect. We are anxious to see how the burger tastes as we've had a hard time finding any locally that had good flavor & isn't chewy. We also bought some brats so fingers crossed they're all we're hoping for. The interior was very clean and I love the fact that displays weren't crowded together & you could move around without feeling closed in. We're hoping this becomes our local butcher & we dont have to drive almost an hour away for good meats anymore.

Our Response:
"Special orders don't upset us" Jayne. Come back anytime.

Terry S.


WOW ! This is a hidden gem of a meat market and produce. It is like walking into European market ! Spotless, clean, beautiful fresh meat and seafood. The staff is so nice and friendly and they are dressed exactly like a real butcher should. Best of all is the selections and the prices ! This Market cannot be beat ! Our only place for meat now. 10 stars and Bravo ! Finally a REAL meat market in our area and close to home. Sure does beat standing in line with a number. Thank you and may you all be blessed. I left a review on Goggle 5 stars !!!!!

Our Response:
Thanks for the Google review Terry!

Julie J.


Love this new butcher shop to the moon and back. The staff is amazing, the food available has been without fault including but not restricted to pierogies, crab cakes, fresh water fish, smoked pork chops, smoked salmon, pastrami sandwiches, yellow tail tuna.... I could go on and on. Don't write this place off as too expensive just because it is clean and spacious. Plus, their specials are incredibly competitive with others in the area.

Our Response:
Thanks Julie!

Dana F.


Some of the best meat I have ever had. Never a disappointment.......

Our Response:
Happy to serve you Dana!

James N.


Well worth the drive from the west side of South Bend to stock up for the week. There is nothing on this side of town to match the quality and selection.

Our Response:
Thanks James!

Scott B.


This is a foodies dream come true. Fantastic Fresh Fish, Steaks Rib Roasts, Etc. Hot bar is out of this world...Easily the best Rueben and Pastrami Sandwich in town. Fantastic service. 25 stars!!!!! Thank you all so much for bringing this fine establishment to my area:):)

Our Response:
Thanks for the kind words Scott, we appreciate you!

Sheryl F.


You know that nasty smell that you smell at all butcher shops? Well, St. Clair’s doesn’t have that smell! I’ve been going here since they opened and it still smells good in there! Amazing meat selection and the people there are very knowledgeable and nice! The owner is very humble and friendly! I love everything about this place!! I’ve found the only place I’ll go to for meat. Their filet is the best I’ve had and they butterfly it for me. My husband loves the ribeye! ❤️❤️❤️

Our Response:
Smells good, and tastes great... that sounds like a good slogan Sheryl!

Carole B.


Finally took the time to check out this gem. Very impressed with the knowledgeable staff. I like knowing where my food comes from. Clean and well organized with a great selection of items from dinner prep or party prep. Anxious to try the lake perch. Gave it a 4 rating because I’d like to see some organic vegetable choices.

Our Response:
Thanks Carole.

Melissa K.


I started shopping here from the 1st week they opened. I can say that I have never missed a week since. The 1st thing you can see by walking in is that you feel like family. I shop after work and let me tell you that it is so refreshing to feel like family and everyone just brightens your day by there smiles n greetings. The food is amazingly great. My Gram raised me when my mom passed. I grew up old school style when it comes to the quality and freshness of meat and seafood. I can go on forever about this place but instead I will say once you shop, you will be back week after week! Smoked chop n smoke salmon, polish dinner, stuffed chops, pup burgers, lobster tails, fresh cut steak and chicken right in front of you!!! Amazing place. My only thing I would love to see is old school dried polish sausage. Man that would be the icing on this place! Appreciate all you do, thanks :)

Our Response:
Thanks for your comments Melissa.

Dave M.


Yesterday was my first visit and as I walked in the door I was flabbergasted by the array of fine foods everywhere. I was greeted and made to feel welcome as I roamed to check out the vast assortment of specialty foods and staples. At each turn I was greeted and had any questions answered cheerfully. The atmosphere is almost theater and everything is immaculately presented. So glad I found this place right around the corner from me.

Our Response:
If we impressed you Dave, we know we are doing something right. With your art background that means a lot!

Tracy H.


New Gem in Our Community! What a great surprise to find Saint Clair's Butcher Shop and Delicatessen. We have tried various meats from this fine establishment and have not been disappointed yet. Our new weekly meat stop. The blueberry breakfast sausages are to die for! Located east of Grape Road on Edison Road in South Bend (in the old Save-a-Lot space). Help support this new family business in our community.

Our Response:
Thanks Tracy!

Susan O.


My 1st visit today & I was so impressed! A beautiful, large & clean Butcher Shop! I was so impressed by the layout, the large choices in all the different types of meats from deli to steaks, roasts & chops or fresh fish. Some of the best looking & I’m sure delicious pork chops! I had to stop myself as to my choices awaiting my Social Security check! It is so close to where I live so sure I’ll be back many times. A welcome addition & a unique shop. I bought one of their steak burgers - Mushroom & Swiss - & it was delicious! Ate it on Pumpernickel Bread I bought at the same time. So nice it was a half-loaf which is just the right size for me & cut it myself. Along with a side of their Steakhouse Potato Salad! You won’t be disappointed!

Our Response:
Thanks Susan.

Joseph B.


The meat is to die for and the low carb baked goods are the best I've ever had you must go check this place out and when you get their check out the baked goods, love this place.

Our Response:
Thanks Joseph!

Eric L.


Great addition to the community! Finally, a meat market with style!

Our Response:
Glad you enjoyed your visit Eric. Come back again soon.

Renee M.


Stopped in on their first day and immediately knew that I had found my new spot for everyday meats and that place I can call on when I need something for a special occasion. The sausages are all house-made, linked or bulk, in a wide variety of styles. The beef, pork and chicken choices offer something for everyone. Their grocery section, while small, contained everything you need and then some! Walking around I noticed a nice selection of frozen items, dairy, including some cheese varieties I can’t wait to try. The store was clean and bright, the staff friendly and knowledgeable. A super addition to our community.

Our Response:
Thanks Renee. There will be even more items in the coming weeks. Stop back in...

Phyllis R.


Wow wow wow! FINALLY somewhere to shop that’s not Martin’s! Super fresh chicken and beef! Cannot wait for the hot food to start next week! Ask for Bob! He’s the best! Will be back probably every week moving forward. Right around the corner! Make this your new one stop shop.

Our Response:
We'll be waiting for you Phyllis. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 9 AM to 7PM.

Donna H.


I am thrilled to have St. Clair's so close to home. The men behind the meat case are so friendly and helpful. A woman next to me was raving about their brats. I was surprised to see the variety of items they carry. The cashiers and other staff were very friendly and welcoming. Make sure to stop in soon.

Our Response:
Thanks Donna. In a few weeks there will be even more variety.

Elijah H.


Oysters from Virginia that are fresh! Along with everything else that’s fresh and delicious!

Our Response:
Thanks Elijah. Our seafood is flown in daily and is always fresh not frozen.

Corey H.


Excellent service, excellent quality. Easily the best polish sausage and teriyaki pineapple brats I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to try the pub burgers and NY strips later this week. Keep up the great start!

Our Response:
I can hear the burgers and strips sizzling now... ;-)

Doug H.


Awesome store!!!, classy, trendy and upbeat. Felt very welcomed and at home. The stellar customer service made a smooth shopping experience and the quality of the meat I bought was top notch. They definitely got a customer for life right here.

Our Response:
Thanks Doug, we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Steve K.


What a welcome addition to this community. A rare gem! It's not like going to the butcher shop, it's more like taking a culinary field trip. Fresh store made ingredients, great selections, many interesting finds, and prices that will fit your budget. I will be returning frequently.

Our Response:
We look forward to seeing you again Steve!

Tammy S.


Walking into the store you could tell that you were going to have a different experience than other stores - total open concept. I bought the polish sausage and wasn't disappointed. It was great! Loved their seafood selection. They have pretty much everything you'd need to make a great dinner. So friendly and enthusiastic. Great job!

Our Response:
Thanks for the kind words Tammy. Our seafood has been getting rave reviews. Makes a difference when it's fresh, not frozen.

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