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Meat Market, Butcher Shop & Deli in South Bend, IN

We are proud to offer you the finest selection of fresh, quality meats and seafood in this area, along with custom spices and rubs to bring out the very best flavors. In addition, we carry a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery, frozen and other items that will enhance your recipes and entire meals. You’ll also bask in the joy of discovering many unique and not-so-common items that are rarely, if ever, available in traditional grocery stores.
One of this area’s largest selections of quality meats and seafood cut to your specifications and packaged to make storage and preparation easy and convenient. A variety of rubs and spices to enhance the natural flavors.

Fantastic Selection of Beef
Fresh Beef
Fresh Seafood
Delicatessen meats and cheeses custom-sliced to your liking. Salad choices to complement every meal. Hearty and delicious sandwiches, full-course meals, and special orders prepared fresh for you, your family, or large gatherings.

Wide Selection of Deli Meats
Deli Salads
One stop shopping for everything you need to complete your recipes and menus. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Homemade breads and rolls. Sweet bakery items and savory snacks. Pizza kits and pasta sauces. Oils, dips and spreads. Homemade frozen entrees and other items. And many unique ingredients that aren’t often found in traditional grocery stores.
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Produce
Condiments and Sauces
We take pride in the perfect cut so you can take credit for a perfect meal. We put our years of experience, knowledge and passion to work for you, so you have everything you need to be a success in your own kitchen.

When it comes to customer service, we go out of our way to make sure you know you are welcome and appreciated every time you walk through our door. And if we ever fall short of your expectations, we want you to let us know.

Exceeding Expectations
Stop in and see us. We’re confident that you will experience something very different, very unexpected, and very satisfying from the moment you enter our door.
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Walking into the store you could tell that you were going to have a different experience than other stores - total open concept. I bought the polish sausage and wasn't disappointed. It was great! Loved their seafood selection. They have pretty much everything you'd need to make a great dinner. So friendly and enthusiastic. Great job!

- Tammy S.

I am thrilled to have St. Clair's so close to home. The men behind the meat case are so friendly and helpful. A woman next to me was raving about their brats. I was surprised to see the variety of items they carry. The cashiers and other staff were very friendly and welcoming. Make sure to stop in soon.

- Donna H.

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